JAMB English Language Syllabus For 2023/2024

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If you have ever wondered about how to get the Jamb use of English syllabus and hot topics to read for Jamb 2023 then you are in the right place and at the right time.

This post is to meet the demand of numerous Jamb candidates who bombard the internet daily with questions on Jamb Use of English like:

Jamb English syllabus 2023

JAMB Use of English syllabus is designed to evaluate your ability to:

  1. Communicate effectively in both written and Spoken English; and
  2. use English language for learning at the tertiary level

JAMB Use of English Syllabus consists of three (3) sections:

SECTION A: Comprehension and Summary
SECTION B: Lexis and Structure
SECTION C: Oral forms

1. Comprehension & Summary

  1. Description
  2. Narration
  3. Exposition
  4. Argumentation/persuasion
  • Each of the two passages to be set (one will be a cloze test) should reflect various disciplines and be about 200 words long.

Questions on the passages will test the following:

  • Comprehension of the whole or part of each passage.
  • Comprehension of words, phrases, clauses, sentences, figures of speech and idioms as used in the passages.
  • Coherence and logical reasoning (deductions, inferences, etc).
  • The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli (New novel to be announced for 2023 year JAMB)
  • Synthesis of ideas from the passages.

NOTE: By synthesis of ideas is meant the art of combining distinct or separate pieces of information to form a complete whole.

Your Study Objectives

  • identify main points/topic sentences in passages;
  • determine implied meaning;
  • identify the grammatical functions of words, phrases, clauses and figurative/idiomatic expressions;
  • deduce or infer the writer’s intentions including mood, attitude to the subject matter and opinion.

2. Lexis and Structure


  1. synonyms
  2. antonyms
  3. homonyms
  4. clause and sentence patterns
  5. word classes and their functions
  6. mood, tense, aspect, number, agreement/concord, degree (positive, comparative and superlative) and question tags
    punctuation and spelling
  7. ordinary usage, figurative usage and idiomatic usage are to be tested


Idioms to be tested shall be those that are formal and expressed in standard British English

Study Objectives

You should be able to;

  • identify words and expressions in their ordinary, figurative and idiomatic contexts;
  • determine similar and opposite meaning of words;
  • differentiate between correct and incorrect punctuation and spelling;
  • identify various grammatical patterns in use;
  • interpret information conveyed in sentences.

3. Oral Forms


  1. Vowels (monothongs and diphthongs
  2. Consonants (including clusters)
  3. Rhymes (including homophones)
  4. Word stress (monosyllabic and polysyllabic)
  5. Intonation (words emphatic stress)


Emphatic stress involves the placement of normal stress on words in an utterance for the purpose of emphasis.

Study Objectives:

you should be able to:

  • make distinctions between vowel types;
  • differentiate between consonant types;
  • identify correct accentuation in individual words and connected speech

Number of Questions Jamb Set In English

Below is a breakdown of how Jamb Sets Jamb Use of English Question for 2022/2023… Enjoy!


a 1 comprehension passage 5 questions
b 1 cloze passage 10 questions
c 1 reading text 10 questions


SECTION B: Lexis and Structure

a. Sentence Interpretation 5 questions
b. Antonyms 5 questions
c. Synonyms 5 questions
d. Basic Grammar 10 questions

SECTION C: Oral Forms

a. Vowels 2 questions
b. Consonants 2 questions
c. Rhymes 2 questions
d. Word Stress 2 questions
e. Emphatic Stress 2 questions
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In Conclusion

It is advisable you go through these topics listed here, as they would help you have a more directed preparation and reading for JAMB English.

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