JAMB Past Questions And Answers on All subject 2023 PDF (Up-To-Date)

 JAMB Past Questions And Answers on All subject 2023 PDF (Up-To-Date) UTME. Below is how to get jamb past questions for All subject and stips  on How to pass JAMB successfully in 2023 UTME.

Download Free JAMB Past Questions and Answers on All subject 2023

JAMB Past Questions and Answers on All subject

Our Jamb / UTME Past Questions and Answers For All Subjects are drawn from an achieve of previously written exams by the same examination body. Although previously known as the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), it is presently know under a new name – Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). Since every student of today is now equipped with a smartphone, our aim is to bring easy access to these valuable resources which will in turn help you succeed.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has its patterns of asking questions in All subject and understanding the patterns and the key topics in All subject would help you perform well.

This new process has helped in reducing malpractice, saving time and cost-effective means of making UTME a fair playing ground for all candidates. In the time past, the rate of malpractice was high but this has reduced via the introduction of CBT.

However, many students haven’t been able to integrate well with JAMB CBT and this has led to failure or underperformance of many students. For any student to pass JAMB successfully, he/she must master the act of taking CBT which is quite different from paper based test. Mastering this act will enable you to pass JAMB successfully.

Why you need our JAMB Past Questions and Answers

Regardless of how you have studied and how many times you have written JAMB, one thing is certain, and that is you need JAMB Past Questions if you do not want to write this examination multiple times again.

Here are enough reasons for you to get UTME Past Questions and Answers for the 2023 UTME exams.

  • It enlightens you on the range of the examination.
  • It contains actual questions from previous JAMB exams.
  • It contains answers with workings.
  • It covers over fifteen (15) years of Past Questions
  • Guides you on how to answer technical questions.
  • There are keynotes and commentaries at the end of the past question.

List of Available Jamb Past Question for all subject

English Past Question and Answers

Mathematics Past Question And Answers

Government Past Question And Answers

Economics Past Question And Answers

CRK Past Question And Answers

Commerce Past Question And Answers

Biology Past Question And Answers

Accounting Past Question And Answers

Physics  Question And Answers

Agricultural Science Past Question And Answers

Literature In English Past Question And Answers

Chemistry Past Question And Answers

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 Tips How to pass JAMB successfully

This post will show you some study tips that will help you to excel in your academics. Relax and read to the end.

  • Read and re-read what you have learnt. Do not only skim and scan. Sit down and do a thorough studying. People tend to forget up to 80% of what they read in just one day. Reading a course 2 to 4 times is very important for deep and lasting impression.
  • For maximum comprehension, you need not hurry over a text. Be patient while studying, don’t be in a hurry while reading.
  • Assess yourself by asking relevant questions on the topic you have read. Make reference to past question papers to know how the questions look like and what to expect during exam. Digest and answer the questions satisfactorily.
  • Form a study group with friends and try to lecture them on the topic you have studied. it helps your subconscious mind internalize the subject matter. Try to share information, it helps a lot.
  • The study group will help you discover some mistakes you might have been making and they will correct you.
  • After each lecture or study group class, go back and study more.
  • When reading, focus on one course or subject at time for effective understanding.
  • Form a timetable for reading. If you are to read Mathematics today, face it and leave other courses except during exam time.

I can categorically tell you that if you follow all the study tips outlined above, passing your exams will very easy for you.

If you found this article useful, please share and leave a comment behind. Your comments are very useful. We want to serve you better.


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